The Ultimate Guide To Purple Rooms: Tips and Tricks for Designers & Decorators

Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming purple room decor? Look no further! In this post, we’ll provide you with some of the most popular and stylish purple room ideas, so you can get started on creating the perfect space for you. Whether you’re a fan of the 70s or want to go retro, we’ve got you covered. So whether you’re in the mood for a bright and cheerful room, or something a little more dark and mysterious, we’ve got you covered.

Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

There’s nothing better than a room in which you have complete control. Which is why we all love gray walls, but that doesn’t mean that these ideas can or should be used everywhere just because they are perfect for bedrooms!

If you’re not keen on bright and upbeat rooms – then we’ve got some awesome grey bedroom designs to suit your needs, too.

Upscale Purple Bedroom Design

In this room, it is important to not be over-bearing with the color. Vivid and eye catching colors can have quite a strong effect as well – even if you’re in love with purple – so keep things simple here!

With its mix of modern design elements, stark white walls (but kept bright) and traditional veneer accents going across the various areas of interest in their respective places.

White Color Blocking Bedroom Design

The use of white for a bedroom is really quite common, but what can always make it better is the presence of color. If you want to get purple in your room and just don’t know how best do that – then this apartment style bedroom has some great ideas and tips!

Purple Bedroom Design for Adults

There are a few main ways to get purple in your bedroom, but no matter the methodology you choose – it’s important that you don’t go crazy with color. Somehow even though this is an adult bedroom (above 18 years)

– we actually think that kids can benefit from having their own space away from people who love them too much. So long as there are some toys and whatever things they might need, put a lil bit of purple in there to help set the tone.

Get Warmer Feeling with Purple Bedroom Design

Another thing you’ll need to consider is that color purple seems quite opposite in tone (warm and cold, soft and hard) from white. Together with various shades of orange if your colors lean warmer- then this warm room will surely put out a great ambience.

Purple Bed Covers

If you’re pretty set on going with purple, then it’s time to accessorize for your room decor. Purple bed covers are ideal, since they’ll compliment the overall look of this bedroom and other variants like naturally – will go well!

Light Purple Bedroom Design

Also, many of the bedding for beautiful bedrooms are saturated in warm or cool tones. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on home decor accents – then little touches like pillows and coverlets can go quite far!

Try on Some Pattern

Patterns can go a long way for this bedroom. So choose one of your favorite patterns and not just get it to match the color that you’re going with – but actually use it! There is lots more besides wallpaper, mattress pads, headboards- so add on as many sentiments in matching colors from different patterns that your room needs around them.


In conclusion, purple bedroom design is a great way to add some personality and warmth to your room. By using various shades of orange and together with patterns, it will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

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