Other Fun Things

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Self-Directed Educational Activities:

* The Lake Placid Self-Guided Nature Trail Brochure  is available at Park Center, and on this website. The brochure directs people to stop at each of eight station posts for activities and observations, beginning at the bridge below Park Center.

* The Lake Placid Self-Guided Math Trail Brochure is available at Park Center and on this website. The brochure directs people to use math at spots around Lake Placid, beginning at the Park Center steps overlooking the swimming area. This Math Trail, designed by Educator and Park Friend Marge Scieszka, is the only Math Trail provided at a state park.

* Brochure of 15 interpretive waysides throughout the park, which tell the stories of Paris Mountain.

* The Exhibits within Park Center tell some of the stories of Paris Mountain, starting with its role as Greenville’s water supply in the late 1800s, protected by the forested watershed. Another story is the creation of the state park in the 1930s thanks to the men of President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps. Finally, there is the story of the mountain’s current role as a biologically diverse haven for wildlife and people in the city that Greenville has become.  An interactive topographical map is part of the exhibits, and someone is available to offer maps, schedule reservations, and other helpful information.

* The Sulphur Springs Orienteering Course was designed by Eagle Scout Benjamin Maughan of Troop 183. The work sheets are available at the Park Center.

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