Biking & Hiking

Biking Rules

• No bikes on the trails or roads on Saturday
• Helmets must be worn
• The use of a bell or other method to announce
your arrival when approaching hikers.

The trails at Paris Mountain State Park are natural surface trails. This means that they are not paved and you will come across occasional rocks and roots on the trail.

We have over 11 miles of trails to mountain bike and they vary dramatically in difficulty – be sure that you have a map, and we recommend that you look at our 3D relief map in the Park Center or ask a Ranger before getting out on the trails.


If starting at the bottom of the mountain, use the main parking lot located across from the Park Center. From this parking lot, you can access the Mountain Creek and Turtle Trails by going through the small parking lot next to the Park Center.

If starting at the top of the mountain, there is a new parking area on the left just before the Camp Buckhorn gate. From this lot you can access the Brissy Ridge and Sulphur Springs Trails. From these trails you can reach the Fire Tower, Pipsissewa, North Lake and Kanuga Trails.

There is a parking lot at Shelters A&B that gives access to Mountain Creek Trail. There is also a small lot towards the top of the mountain on the right that gives access to the Sulphur Springs Trail.

Trail Descriptions:

Name Length Difficulty description
Turtle Trail 0.4 mi Easy The Turtle Trail was built to connect the campground to the Park Center and the rest of the trail system. Mountain bikes are allowed on this trail. This is a good beginner trail.
Mountain Creek Trail 1.3 mi Easy-Moderate This shared-use trail begins at the Park Center and runs into the Sulphur Springs trail. You will ride along the stream and pass by the CCC-built Amphitheatre where we host local music during the summer. As you ascend away from the creek you will pass a connector trail to Shelters A&B which has restrooms. The Mountain Creek Trail has some fun dips and flows really well on the way back down. Beginners can give this one a try.
Sulphur Springs Trail 3.4 mi Easy-Strenuous This trail is partially open for shared-use, but has a ¾ mile section that is hike only. You can access the trail from the Mountain Creek Trail, the Shelters 5&6 picnic area, the old Archery Ranger parking lot or at the top parking lot.The section from Mountain Creek Trail, or Shelters 5 and 6, to the top parking areas is strenuous but gradually winds up the mountain. Most mountain bikers who start at the bottom will ride Sulphur Springs until they get to the Archery Ranger parking lot and take the road to the top. The section starting at the top parking lot is easy to moderate and leads to the Fire Tower Trail. This section is what used to be part of the roadbed to the old fire tower. There are great views and the trail is fairly wide for the most part, making it a good beginner trail. Please do not cut corners; it is going to take some time for vegetation to grow in some areas and we have used down trees and branches to guide trail users.
Brissy Ridge Trail 2.4 mi Moderate This trail is partially open for shared-use as well. Access to this trail begins at the top parking lot. You can connect Brissy Ridge to the Kanuga or Pipsissewa Trails. You can also take it until you reach the road crossing (after which point it becomes hike-only) and ride the road back up to the parking lot. Brissy Ridge is moderate in difficulty and has some large rocks and roots to make things interesting.
Pipsissewa Trail 1 mi Moderate-Strenuous After the acquisition of the property around Reservoir 3, this trail was built to get the trail system down to the lake. This 1 mile trail is moderate to strenuous. Going down the trail offers a fun ride with plenty of large rocks, and though going back up is quite the challenge for most, it is well worth the trip to the lake.
North Lake Loop Trail 1 mi Loop Easy The loop takes you around Reservoir 3 and provides some of the most beautiful scenery on the park. There are also 5 trailside campsites around the lake – you can register at the Park Center. Both the Pipsissewa and Kanuga Trails connect to the North Lake Loop allowing for a different route back to the top of the mountain.
Kanuga Trail 2 mi Moderate-Strenuous This trail connects the Brissy Ridge, Fire Tower and North Lake Loop Trails, and allows for a variety of routes. The section from Brissy Ridge to Fire Tower is moderate in difficulty as it follows the contour of the ridgeline, whereas from Fire Tower to North Lake Loop is strenuous, at least on the way back up. This trail is fairly smooth with few roots and rocks to navigate.
Fire Tower Trail 0.4 Easy-Moderate We have shortened the designation of this trail to avoid confusion with the Sulphur Springs Trail. This trail is a continuation of the roadbed leading to the old fire tower remnants and spurs off of the Sulphur Springs Trail. There is also a short connector to the Kanuga Trail from this trail.

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